Monthly Archives: August 2010

Just a Little Help

How many personal loans in janesville wi times do you have a small job that you just don’t have time for? One that your staff doesn’t have time for? Or you and your staff don’t have the skill set for? Or the equipment or software personal loans in mira road for?

A job that’s too small to be worth the expense of hiring a temp?

That’s where we can come in. We can accomplish those small jobs for you. Remotely. Using our office space and our equipment and software.

Do you need some data entry for a mailing list? Need a postcard mailer designed? A spreadsheet? Contact us and we we can see what solutions we can provide for your specific needs.

A New Set of Eyes

How many times have you received personal loans in tolleson az a mailing, an email, even an ad with a grammatical, punctuation, or spelling error?

Spell check doesn’t catch everything, especially when the word you’ve used is spelled correctly, it just isn’t the personal loans in stoke on trent correct word.

Sentences like:

The contract shall include everything accept the red widgets.


You can purchase the mixer and it’s accessories.


We can send one to each child nad there families.

When you write something, even if you aren’t the one to type it up, your mind will fill in what is supposed to be there and you can miss personal loan asap mistakes.

Schratwieser Consulting can provide a fresh set of eyes to read over letters, ad copy, articles, anything to check for errors before the item goes public.

Welcome to Schratwieser Consulting – The Blog

We can help you set up a personal loan best acceptance website or a blog. A blog can help you communicate news to your customers and if you enable comments, your customers can communicate with you as well.

Comments can be enabled on a post by post basis, so certain posts can have comments enabled or disabled, your choice.

We can also set up a special contact page that will allow a customer or potential customer to email you with specific choices available. Custom contact forms can also be inserted in posts.