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Attorney TV Ad Fail Update

I had posted on this ad the other personal credit history day. Office was misspelled with only one f. A commenter at Musing Minds noted that the “s” in Dallas also kind of looks like an “x.”

Since then I’ve payday loans in chapel hill nc noticed an different ad with office spelled correctly on a pink background, and today there’s a corrected ad with the blue background.

I noticed that this personal loans from onemain financial ad has a different toll free number as well as the corrected word. Dallas still looks as if it ends in an “x” although I think that’s just the font choice since the x in Tx is a sharper x.

So, did we have anything to do with the correction?

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Attorney TV Ad Fail

I happened to look personal loans in goa up at the TV during a commercial for Freese and Goss this morning and something really jumped out at me. This is the “full screen”:

and this is the close-up:

Did you catch it? Somebody didn’t run spell check. This ad has been running for several months. I generally don’t actually watch the commercials, but I happened to look up at just the right moment today and hit pause on the TiVo.

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